Private Fiduciary Services for Discerning Clients

Integrity, professionalism, and compassion for every client

Our goal is to provide peace of mind for our clients by building trusting relationships. Fiduciaries are held accountable to make the same decisions you would if you were able.

We listen carefully without judgment to what you want so that we can help you achieve your goals while protecting yourself and those you love most from unforeseen risks.

As Private Fiduciaries, we act on behalf of our clients in the following ways:

Estate Planning

  • Ensure that appropriate estate plans are in place
  • Ensure that any estate plan is honored and modified when necessary
  • Discuss and prepare any burial plans
  • Assist with conflict resolution when emotions run high

Personal Care Planning

  • Manage personal care needs to ensure that the standard of living and quality of life is maintained through appropriate housing, nutrition, medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Develop care plans with an emphasis on keeping clients in their homes
  • Ensure transportation is available when necessary
  • Make sure all safety measures are in place
  • When housing needs change, assist in finding and securing appropriate care facilities
  • Provide expert consulting so all questions about their personal plans for healthcare, housing, and personal needs are met
  • Know each client’s medical issues and medications
  • Watch for any changes that require additional assistance

Asset Management, Financial and Taxes

  • Provide experts to assist with asset management to provide financial security
  • Invest using the Prudent Investor Standard and risk tolerance personalized for each individual’s estate
  • Ensure that all appropriate taxes are filed
  • Make sure all bills are paid
  • Provide accountings of all assets and liabilities
  • Work closely with attorneys, doctors, care providers, investment and real estate managers as needed
  • Continue to monitor all financial circumstances and make appropriate adjustments when needed

            24/365 phone contact to fiduciaries

In addition, we work with or hire* top professionals for the services you or your loved one may require.

*Clients often have their professionals in place. We work to keep continuity whenever appropriate but will change professionals if necessary to provide the best quality of personal care and financial security for our clients.

Fee Schedule